Thursday, March 11, 2010

parent's room

this is our bedroom, it is a cozy attic room. i bought the quilt from my friend leia, who had purchased it for her new bedroom, but decided on something different. i love it because it resembles a quilt in one of my favorite childhood books, "sleepy time" by gyo fujikawa. in it, it shows japanese children going to bed on their tatami mats, covering up with pretty quilts with hexagons on them, and i always wanted a quilt like that! now i have one, and it makes me happy. :) in talking about moving and things we will keep and things we will get rid of, this is at the top of my keep list! the chair in the corner i bought at one of my favorite stores in nashville, wonders on woodland, which carries a really nice selection of antique/vintage furniture for really low prices. i got this chair for only $40. it's also at the top of my keep list!

this week the kids are on spring break and we are going to use this time to get the house in order so that we can begin going through and sorting things for yard sale, donation, to give to friends, and to keep. i'm also planning on purchasing a new bookshelf to help me organize our "multi purpose room", which is i guess a den. right now it's just the catch-all room, and it seems silly to buy a piece of furniture when we are currently trying to get rid of things. but i'm hoping it will help us keep organized for the remainder of our time here, and be helpful for getting us re-organized in WA.