Thursday, March 3, 2011

spring is on it's way!

on our walk home from school today we passed a beautiful rhododendron bush beginning to bloom (bottom pic)! and when we arrived at our house we had a few small blooming flowers next to our front porch. i have seen several robins hopping around the yard, spring is coming! it's the only season we haven't yet experienced since moving to our new part of the country. our winter had been my favorite of any winter i can remember anywhere, as it was frequently filled with sunshine & a few weeks of snow on the ground. the one thing i will not miss about winter is being cold inside the house! our house is not insulated, & has one very inadequate heater located in the living room that is the only source of heat. my smartwool socks have been a necessity on our hardwood floors.

now for a warm cup of coffee ....