Wednesday, March 6, 2013

these days

i've been horrible at keeping up, it's march already!!  time is flying by.  we've had new things going on, the kids are in swim lessons, amalie has started taking ukelele, papa has a new schedule at school which allows us to eat dinner together as a family again.  i'm stripping wallpaper, planning paint colors, trying to figure out when i am going to lazure the walls in the school room.  and then the every day stuff, keeping dishes and clothing clean, making sure food is in the house, taking the kids to classes and lessons.

recently though, through the generosity of a friend, we acquired 4 sweet laying hens and a very nice coop.  we've wanted chickens for several years, but in nashville we were renting for the last year and a half we were there as part of our plan to move here.  and once we were here, we rented for over 2 years while we searched for the right house to buy.  now we finally have a home that we own and has plenty of wonderful space for having chickens, and everything just fell into place!

luckily the move to new surroundings didn't seem to spook the ladies too much, and they have been laying for us every day so far.  fresh eggs every morning.  the kids spend hours just observing the hens and talking about their interactions.  we bought them the organic feed they are accustomed to, as well as some cracked corn for a treat, and meal worms which they will eat right out of the kids hands.

for now we have some chicken wire set up around their coop temporarily, papa has some plans for what he wants to build for them permanently, and we picked a new spot where they will have more sunshine.  it's been a great excuse for school, as we haven't touched the actual school books in a few weeks.  we checked out books on backyard chickens from the library at each kid's reading level, so they can learn about their new pets.

other than that big bit of excitement, there are the milestones like losing both front teeth, as amalie just did this week.  she is so proud, she has been showing everyone.  and she looks completely adorable.

and then there's the pregnancy, 11 weeks left.  even though most times i feel so excited i can hardly wait, 11 weeks is sounding not that far off.  that's 11 more weeks of my family as i've known it for the last 4 years.  once this new little person joins us, we are forever changed, a new dynamic will emerge.  i know it will be wonderful, as it has been many times before, but it's still a feeling i get each time.  i want to be present and in the moment to enjoy my sweet family just as it is, and recognize this as a special time for all of us.