Monday, May 16, 2011

here we go ....

two significant things happened in the last week.

the first being that our oak meadow homeschooling curriculum arrived!! complete packages (except for the literature that we can borrow from the library) for grades 1, 3, and 4. WOW. alek found the box out on the porch, we brought it inside & unpacked it all together. each child took their syllabus and sat down quietly looking it over. everyone is pleased. ;)

the second major event, which would normally seem minor if we were returning to public school in the fall, was that the kids each brought home a survey form from school asking what our plans were for the next school year. would we be returning? if not, where are we planning to attend? i checked, on 3 separate papers, that we would not be returning in the fall. that we would be attending "homeschooling" next year. this felt very final to me, even though i know that if, for some reason, the kids would have to return to public school, we are zoned for this school and can't be denied attending there. but still, it is making my intentions known in writing for the first time.

both of these events felt like major commitments towards our plans for fall. we are doing this! :)

separately, this past saturday was the last day of my mom's 2 week visit before she headed back to wisconsin. she was here to help me get some rest and recovery time, so we didn't do much but stick around the house, some yard work & gardening, & neighborhood walks. we wanted to do at least one fun, adventurous thing before she left. we decided on spending a day on san juan island, so we took a nice 1 hour ferry ride from anacortes to friday harbor. we spent about an hour exploring the little town of friday harbor, and then headed out to the countryside to explore along the beaches. it was a pretty fabulous day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

curriculum order? done.

one MAJOR step closer to our homeschooling next fall. i just finished ordering 1st, 3rd, & 4th grade curriculum from oak meadow for the kids. since alek and alia are only one year apart in school, and as far as i can tell mostly on the same level, i thought about just having them both use the 4th grade curriculum, which may have been easier in so many ways. but since it's the first year we will be homeschooling, and our first experience with this curriculum, i thought it best to play it safe. even tho it was to the tune of over $700 .... yikes!!!

all the same, it still feels right. i am very much looking forward to our adventures in homeschooling. :)