Tuesday, January 1, 2013

this new year

at midnight paul and i rang in the new year, just us, on the couch, enjoying the peace and quiet (aside from the occasional fireworks), reminiscing about how far we've come with (and for) our family since ringing in our first new year as brand new parents in 2002.

we are so very happy with where we are.  we live in what is, to us, the most beautiful place imaginable, this little tiny spot on the planet, which is so unique and incredible.  we have worked really hard to bring our family here, to be able to raise them here, as we felt they deserved.  since moving back here we have worked hard at finding a home to finally put down roots in, a place that will accommodate our growing family, with plenty of space both inside and out.  a home to be ours, with the intention of not moving our family anymore.  and we found it.  and we have it.  and i can't imagine wanting or needing anything more.

so this new year, i'm not making resolutions in the sense that i have in the past.  i'm not going to create challenges for myself to meet, which i inevitably end up dreading.  i have goals, which i am happy to walk towards, and they are simple, and attainable.  i'm going to continue to settle into our new home, with the many projects we have lined up, which i really look forward to working on.  and in may, i'm going to let go of those projects when it's time to welcome our new baby into the world, and put everything i have into that new little person's arrival.  i will continue to enjoy every single day i have with my family - love my children and my husband, and to enjoy this life we have worked so hard to build.  we have put years worth of resolutions into getting to this place, and now that we're here, i'm going to enjoy it.  :)

here's to the new year and all the new adventures it will bring!