Monday, April 4, 2011

working towards better health

in recent weeks i found out that i am severely anemic, as well as completely vitamin d deficient. my anemia has been slowly building over 2 years, since the birth of our 4th child. there are several major risks that come with being so anemic, and although i have always been a healthy eater, and a vegetarian for over half my life (the vegetarianism is NOT the cause of my anemia, confirmed by several doctors), i am forced to look at my diet, and make changes. i am embarking on the largest change to my dietary habits since becoming veg at the age of 15, which seems both daunting and exciting at the same time.

this morning i made a raw strawberry oatmeal recipe (from the raw snack cookbook raw energy), which was very successful! the oats & almonds that went into it had to soak overnight, then be rinsed & blended with the other ingredients in the recipe. when it was finished, i ate a serving, and the kids ate up all the rest! i was amazed, as it is cold & not served warm like the oatmeal they are used to. it also has a small amount of cayenne pepper in it (to aid circulation) which i thought they would notice, but they didn't! they asked for more & more servings until the whole batch was gone. :)