Friday, February 26, 2010

a change of plans

since my last posting (wow! a long time ago!!) we have decided to seriously, for real this time, make the move back to washington state. paul has been working 2 jobs, 5 days a week @ each, for almost nine years now. nine years. and he has never loved nashville. so to work that hard, just to maintain a life somewhere you don't even enjoy living, seems a little bit pointless.

we love washington, both of us. i realize how lucky we are to both want to be in the same place, to both be at our happiest in the same place. our kids deserve to be raised the way we want to raise them, in a culture we are more comfortable in and that mirrors our values. that isn't nashville. and it's hard for me in so many ways to say that, because although i didn't grow up in nashville, my family roots are here, most of my summers and many of my christmases as a child were spent here. all 4 of the kids were born here. and we have tried to make it work here, god knows. we have so many wonderful friends, and leaving will be sad. our goal is to move this summer after school is out. dare i even say it?

in our quest to simplify, this will be a major help. right? whenever we move, we get rid of a lot. and this time, because the cost of moving so far across the country is so much, we have extra incentive to bring only the things we really love.

i feel like i haven't been at all successful in simplifying. for a few months, when paul's work schedule was particularly rough on us, i hired some wonderful cleaning ladies to come once a week to help me keep up and get on track towards weeding out all of our junk. the first time they came they told me "your problem is you have too much stuff!". i know! i know. although, i must say, over time i realized that's only partly the problem. the other problem is, we don't have anywhere to organize our stuff.

recently i came across this wonderful blog: the creator, sharilyn, has such a beautiful way of organizing things, i have found a tremendous amount of inspiration from her photos of her home. she works from home, and raises her daughter full-time, so she has to keep very organized! i realized through looking at her home that simplicity can come from organization. lucky for me, i love to organize! not so lucky for me, i rarely, rarely get the time. sigh.

here is a picture from a brunch that paul and i had last week with just amalie and aven at marche. it was a really sweet day!

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