Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this week's outlook ...

here is my sweet baby modeling the rainbow hat (crocheted). for kids hats i love working with the super fuzzy synthetic yarns, they are SO soft & almost furry looking. :) this particular green is very bright but i think it works!

this week i am working on using more earthy tones, as well as adding a new design. fuzzy also, but knit. can be made for adults or children. it's a pattern i've never tried before, so we shall see how it turns out!

also this week i will be making hats for our friends ella & everett. for ella something that combines purple, orange, turquoise & lime green; for everett something in earth tones brown, rust & green. i'm very excited to get started on these, but first i have to make a run to the yarn shop! i don't quite have the exact colors i want. i plan on driving up to bellingham to check out 2 of their yarn shops.

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