Tuesday, February 8, 2011

technical difficulties, gnomes & fairies

i have been cut off from the cyber world for quite some time, as my macbook pro required extensive repairs, which ended in it having to be completely refurbished. this included replacing the hard drive, hence the loss of anything we didn't have backed up, mostly pictures from the last 6 months of our lives. :(

the upside is it's quite pleasant in many ways to have no inkling of what is going on in cyber space, and i had so much more time for knitting! for a while now i have been searching for a pattern for a gnome/fairy style hat, something pointy but not outrageously so. i was frustrated with what i was finding both online & in the pattern books at the knitting shop. eventually i ended up modifying a pattern for an adult hat from a book i've had for a long time, "stitch n' bitch nation". the adult hat version has earflaps & i had always thought was unattractive for a grown up. however, for a child it was exactly what i was looking for! i really enjoy working this pattern, which begins at the top on double points.

i am very happy with the results, and i think i can use up a lot of the extra yarns i have that i've never quite known what to do with. the first hat i made for my 5 yr old, whose favorite color is yellow & has been asking me to make her a yellow hat for quite some time. for this one i used spud & chloe outer (in cornsilk), a nice, bulky, but very soft and warm 65% superwash wool/ 35% organic cotton blend.

the green & pink i created specially for my adorable 21 month old niece, fern. i bought the green a few months ago with the intention of making something for her, but hadn't stumbled upon the right pattern. after making the yellow hat, it struck me that the yarn i had purchased for fern would look really neat in this pattern, and it turned out to be probably my favorite had i've made yet. i can't wait to see her in it!

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