Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wintertime Beach Day

On days like this, I almost cannot comprehend the beauty of this place we live in. Today by the seaside, blue sky with  gentle whispy clouds, the beach full of golden grasses, moss, lichen and gnarly pine trees.  The beach rocks in every color of the rainbow.  The freezing, churning ocean waters, and beyond that, mountains. And islands.  It was too windy along the coast today to be truly considered warm, even in the sunshine.  But it certainly wasn't winter cold.  It felt amazing, as it always does, to go to the beach on a sunny day in the wintertime.

Today we were at Deception Pass, which is probably our favorite spot when we can't think of anywhere new to have an adventure, or just want to be spontaneous.  There are so many beaches and trails to be seen within this state park. We were at West Beach today, which we have never really explored before.  We met up with good friends there as well, which always makes for a nice time! The light was incredible, and so we stayed until sundown.

It was on a beach at the edge of this coast of the Pacific, where I sat for the first time at age 19, and knew beyond all doubt that here was where I belonged.  Of all places I had ever traveled to, been to, lived, this was the place for me.  I sometimes lose sight of my surroundings, and that deep connection I feel to this place.  But I always find it again by the water.

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