Friday, July 31, 2009

starting over

when i first signed up to have this blog, i had no ideas for a direction.  now, i'm going to use it to help me attain a goal.  for years now  i have been thinking a lot about how materialistic our society is, how it seems that people that live with just the bare necessities are so much happier (usually these are people living in other countries), how all we do in this country is consume, and ultimately, how gross this style of living is.  inevitably, when you have children, you acquire more possessions.  well, i have 4 children, ages 7, 6, 4, and 8 months.  our house is full of stuff.

deep down, i think all people thrive on simplicity.  living a life with so much materialism takes away from the enjoyment of life.  it is exhausting to manage all of our possessions.  it takes up so much time.  i am really tired of having to take time away from my kids and my husband because i am busy cleaning, by which i really mean picking up and putting away, generally managing our belongings.  i'm tired of feeling stressed when things take over our house and everywhere i look there is crap.

i had a conversation with my 7 yr. old the other day when she was complaining that out of all of her many pairs of pj's, she didn't have a nightgown.  i explained to her that there are children who have only the clothes on their backs.  i explained to her that not only do we have absolutely everything we need, we have about 100x above and beyond that.  and that that is the way people live in this country, and it causes us to take things for granted.  the rest of the world does not live this way.

my goal is to whittle away at our belongings.  i have no way to make an actual measurement, but it seems to me there is a good 75% of things in our house which are either don't get used, or annoy the hell out of me whenever i have to pick them up, again, or just don't have a home.  

then there are those items which i love, use, and need.  as i go through my house finding items to donate, recycle, or if nothing else throw away, i will feature on here an item that i am keeping, and a reason why.  i know which items i'd miss if there was a fire.  

not many.  : D

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