Tuesday, August 4, 2009

trying to turn 1 step back into 2 steps forward ....

yesterday was back to school shopping day, and let me tell you, when i was hauling all those bags in the door i sure felt like my quest to simplify was compromised in a major way.  my oldest is going into 2nd grade this year, and my second oldest into first.  they both had supply lists 2 pages long.  they have both grown almost 2 inches since last year, so i had to buy new standard school attire for them both.   i'm trying to re-use the shorts and skirts from last year.  i decided to get rid of a minimum of twice as much as i brought in the door with me.  so i already have a bag of clothes by the door to be donated.  that way hopefully for every 1 thing new we have, we will be getting rid of 2 things.  eh?  eh?  

since my kids are required to wear standard school attire (which is like uniforms) for school, i have to buy that stuff brand new.  otherwise i have decided from now on to purchase clothes for the kids only from consignment shops and thrift stores.  this is a way to save money, resources, and not support corporations.  

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